Cheap New York Hotel

Everybody is freaking out in a cheap New York hotel. Forty-ounce bottles are being passed around and the air is shattered with the sound of clinking. The people I see around me live the fabulous life. I know because they have invited me to infiltrate their living quarters with a hand-held digital video camera and capture it all.

So tonight they are slumming. This is a favorite pastime of the fabulous. From time to time they will bust out of their beautiful penthouse apartments and move into a cheap New York hotel where they can party like rock stars party before they have record deals. They drink cheap liquor; they smoke cigarettes and stink up the whole floor; they rest their fabulous heads on shabbed-out, cheap New York hotel pillows and purposely drool on them.

The fabulous life is most mysterious, and I intend to document it in all of its oddity and ostentatious squalor. Just me and my camera running around a cheap New York hotel.