New York Giants Tickets

Finally, I had acquired my New York Giants tickets. I'd come down on the Metro from Mount Kisco to get them. Why I didn't buy them online, I'm not sure. I probably would have gotten a better deal too. But either way, there I was, in New York City with New York Giants Tickets in my hand.

"Getting ready for the big game?" said a man with sausage-looking fingers.

"Um, the game is in a month," I said. "But yeah, I'm excited."

"Well, listen," he said. "If you wanna see today's game, I got some New York Giants tickets right here!"

I told him I don't deal with scalpers. But it turned out he wasn't a scalper at all: just a lonely old guy who had won two New York Giants tickets in a raffle. He didn't want a penny, just a friend for a couple hours.

So anyone that thinks New Yorkers aren't friendly can go bite the big one.