New York University

"Take me to New York University," I said to the cabbie as I hopped in. It reeked of spices and incense. Some musicians had just left the taxi after performing some kind of seance. I was amazed, and I felt the residue of spirits in the cab.

"That sure spooked me," said the cab driver. "Where'd you wanna go?"

"New York University, I said," I said. "Today's my first class."

"What?" he coughed. "The semester's almost over." He looked at me funny in the rear-view mirror.

Aw nuts, this guy is too nosey, I thought.

"Shuddup. Stop the cap and don't say a word." I threw a fifty dollar bill in the passenger seat and opened the door, nearly knocking over a pedestrian.

He looked at me as if to say something but I just put my finger to my nose and got out to walk the rest of the way to New York University. I saw a few familiar faces, so I had to jump out in front of a cab.

"Where to, buddy?"

"New York University, please."