New York Vacation

Everyone at school is talking about the New York vacation! It's more than just a field trip. The whole class is staying for two nights in New York on vacation!

I hear that we will be free to run around all over New York City. We can see shows and we can produce our own Broadway musicals. We can go to the Financial District and make a thousand bucks easy. Too true!

My mom says she's sorry she can't go on the New York vacation. I don't care. I'll be chillin' in a Manhattan penthouse, smoking cigars and pondering abstract art. My friend Little Paul is really into finger-painting right now.

Other kids'll be milling around Times Square looking for Britney Spears or Fifty Cent, but I'm like pssshhh. I'll be spittin' olive pits at them from eighty stories high and they'll see the ice 'round my neck shining up there like some Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! New York vacation here I come!