Q: Where is Mount Kisco?

A: Mount Kisco is in New York nestled in the Hudson River Valley.

Q: How long is the Metro-North Commuter Line ride between New York City and Mount Kisco?

A: The train ride takes roughly an hour.

Q: What is there to do in Mount Kisco?

A: That depends: What do you want to do!?

Q: How big is Mount Kisco?

A: Mount Kisco is small, covering only three square miles. However, due its many shops and attractions, the population shoots up to 20,000 people during the business day.

Q: Where can I stay in Mount Kisco, New York?

A: Mount Kisco has several hotels to choose from. You might consider looking for comprehensive getaway packages which include hotel stays!

Q: What does Kisco mean?

A: Kisco is generally thought to be derived from the Algonquin for "muddy place."